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Our in-school program offers an immersive experience centered around the vibrant culture of Soca music and dance. Participants delve into the rich History of Soca, tracing its evolution and impact on Caribbean culture. The program explores Calypso, Groovy Soca and Power Soca and there distinct rhythms. Participants are introduced to Basic Movements and iconic Caribbean Party Dances, mastering the essence of these energetic forms of expression.


Our program encourages personal growth through Teamwork and Leadership Exercises, fostering collaboration and self-confidence. Participants also refine their Musicality by connecting movements with rhythm. The program is rounded out with engaging exercises that reinforce lessons and encourage creative exploration.


Through this multifaceted approach, participants not only learn about movement of the Caribbean but also gain valuable life skills in teamwork, leadership, and creativity.

Our School residencies bring the education and vibrancy of Soca to students of all ages, Kindergarten to grade 12. With our flexible daily, half day, and full day rates, we can tailor our program to fit your school's needs.

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Previous Schools we have worked at:

  • M.E Lazerte High School

  • Dr. Anne Anderson High School

  • Eastglen High School

  • Maskekosak kiskinimatowikamik

  • Muir Lake School 

  • Eecol Father Jan

  • Inukshuk High School (Iqaluit) 

  • Joamie Ilinniarvik School (Iqaluit)

  • Friends of Jubilee - JubeSchool

  • And more....

What Clients Say

“Cherelle was an incredible presenter, she was very comfortable and supportive with the students. I particularly liked how she had a section at the end that encouraged students to work together to modify tempo and levels, developing their cooperative skills.”

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