Soca Sweat w/SocaFit fuses Caribbean riddims and simple steps to create a dynamic workout that’s designed for all levels. Our class can be just as effective as any other exercise for toning and firming areas of your body, especially your legs, glutes, and obliques. There are few breaks in our class, this is because we want your body to maximize its fat-burning potential. Our dance moves alternate between using your arms, legs, glutes, and core and involves both low and high impact movement. YOU WILL SWEAT! 

Equipment: None needed

Caloric Burn: Approx 800- 900 cals

Difficulty: Open to all levels

Modified movement available: Yes


This hour-long choreography based dance class will explore movement and music from various Caribbean Islands.

Equipment: Comfortable athletic wear to move in and indoor runners 

Difficulty: Open to all levels unless specified